Thursday, March 1, 2012

My daily life in New York City

 my workplace in Soho New York. It so close to all subways but too congested with tourist and shoppers.
 lovely walk in Soho streets for a lunch break.
 NY Subway is so noisy and dirty. It's not the greatest ride but you get used to it. 
 Usually I get home from work before Sherril. I make dinner for both of us or just sit around wait for her to come back from work. 
When Sherril is back from work. she can be in a super good mood or not. !!
If I am lucky, she will cook dinner for me even though she is tired from working all day.
Then, I can take Sherril out for a drive around the town!~


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  2. this is so funny I'm always in a good mood ^____^!

  3. your dining table is not white! omg!