Sunday, January 2, 2011

Trip to Killington

 Sherril has prepared so much for the trip. These little details that she takes care makes the trip so wonderful.
 Thank you Ginny for the awesome cupcake. These cupcakes are so much better than NY cupcakes..
 Mr. and Mrs. Sohn looking good. great job creating a raw blurry effect by smudging on the lens..
 People call this 황재보딩 in Korea.. because only Emperor would be able to rent out the whole mountain...
 What a great scene..  the mountains on the background looks like 동양화 ..
 Official shot of Sherril's new gear in the slope... She is looking so good with the new gear!
After a full day of riding in the mountain, this is a golden dinner made illegally inside our hotel room. We got some aluminum tray from supermarket and used that as a frying pan to cook the meat!.


  1. hehehee so many great memories on this trip ^^!
    plus thanks to my wonderful boyfriend teacher i can do my sexy s turns ^^!
    muuah <3

    Thank you !

  2. I am so proud of you. When I saw you do the S turn.. I was so thrilled..
    keep it up and let's try to gain more speed...

  3. awesome! nice pics!

    you guys didnt put up the door kkkkk

    thanks again for awesome trip! west coast next yr! kk