Saturday, November 6, 2010

november breeze

first time at a good burger joint. pretty good burger for a cheap price.. awesome.!!
sherrill what was so awesome about this battery mock up? why did you take this photo?
verified green business... what??? did they just make this up or this actually exist?
everyone says.. they are going green. I yell back at them.. I am going purple..
my deep stare at a classic burger.. yummmmmm....
who is that cute little girl??.. I should go say hi to her~
union square at night.. still so crowded like daytime..
winter right across the corner... yet.. resist to wear a jacket.
subway runway..
my favorite station. union square station.
im... here... yet.. I am no where...

I love this partking lot.. it reminds me of transformer.. awesome!!!!
gangster sherril..
concrete jungle..
gangster what~~ new york city...
i look comfortable in a street..!~ what!!

1 comment:

  1. i love all our night shots!
    especially the ones near our place
    thank you for being my satorialist <3