Monday, March 29, 2010


This weekend was our last run of my first seaoson!! it was a long winter with 
lots of bumps and bruises but all fun and giggles at the end^__^
I was feeling a little down and frustrated with my slow progression but i think all of oppa's pre training ..aka simulation and video tutorials kicked in at the last moment ^____^
I think i've gotten pretty good in a short period <3 
Thank you so much for being patient and teaching me .


  1. it was such a great time.. I got to snowboard my gut out! I got like two months worth of work out done..

    it was a trip that made me realize why I love snowboarding so much.. it's a sport that represent freeflow~ you enjoy it and you get better at it.. automatically..

  2. i believe the exponential progression was due to the training at snowflex! j/k. glad to hear that you are enjoying snowboarding now though!

    wek wek wek

  3. hehehe..snowflex was my first ride!
    if you can call that a ride..^___^