Saturday, February 13, 2010


extra snowdays and weekends please!
this has been a long week of sleepless nights and non effective groggy detox..

but tonight i have milky by my side and my trusty heating pad to keep me toasty warm ^^


  1. why and how do you have milky?
    did you go back home in paramus?
    we are leaving our hotel for another full day of bus traveling,,
    last night, i went to sushi place by myself to get some sashimi,, since my folks were insiting on eating soon tofu soup. they are so old school. blah,,

    i got you a japanese lipgloss.. haha,
    we are going to kyoto and nara today.
    donut is saving me ...

  2. kekek donut!! were really getting such great use out of the donut! and yupps i was home for part of the weekend but i just got back to the city to go to church ^^ cant wait to see you<3