Tuesday, February 2, 2010


my flight arrived at ICN airport at 5:00pm.
I knew it was commute rush hour so I decided to take the express 9 line.
You see the red dot on the map? that is where Incheon Airport is.
It was such a smooth subway.. I guess I am already too used to New York gettho style subways.
I felt weird riding a subway that is so futuristic and smooth and clean.

The view from the subway was so beautiful. Incheon beach. I am home.. 
sweet home...

After 18 hours of travel,, mom cooked me nice home dinner.
It was nightmare dragging all my luggage through all those eager young korean girls shopping at   고속버스터미널 지하상가 옷 가게들. I got so frustrated, I started just bumping into all the girls not looking where they are going. 
But it was all worth it.
After dinner, Grandmother came over to greet me and mom and grandmother was chopping those fish.
Dad got them as a gift via 택배. Mother is complaining that he is getting too many fish these days and mom hates having too big of a fish. They are super long  은갈치. 

Dad came home around 10:00 and we all had a wine with grandmother. It was not to celebrate my arrival but to spend time with grandmother. I think she is going through some tough time adjusting to Seoul and mom is so stressed too. My dad is trying to keep the balance in family. 
I felt so sorry for my parents. They worked so hard and still working hard and they are now busier than ever with taking care of grandmother.

I took these photos to share with you! ^^
I will post more photos.. you are not going to believe what kinda of photo is framed in my room. wait a bit for me to post it. kkkkk

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  1. im so happy your spending quality time with your family ^^ keke yeah i miss the clean subways and the amazingly good foood!..kkekke and the fish look huge,its gonna be so so yummy, wish i were there too.